All of our healthy ingredients, synergize to bring you a dessert that is wonderfully scrumptious. We believe that food should be nutritious and good for you…ESPECIALLY dessert.  

Try our newly formulated vanilla flavour made from organic vanilla pods - or our Mint Choc Chunk made with spirulina and our home-made choc chunks. Every flavour is adventurously different and outrageously delicious!

The ultimate coconut ice cream alternative

No Sugar; No Dairy

No kidding!

What is our Promise to you?

“This is one of the best and creamiest coconut frozen desserts EVER…!”

Available in 4, 8 and 16 ounce biodegradable containers.

Holy Coconuts!

Vegans, diabetics and people with food sensitivities will love that our coconut dessert is prepared with all natural and un-heated ingredients

It's so good to see my son enjoy a dessert that is not full of sugar !!


Diabetic and Vegan Friendly

*Coconut Salted Caramel We're out on a limb this time because it's our first ice cream using sugar.  But this isn't ANY sugar.  It's coconut palm sugar which is produced from the nectar of the coconut blossom.  Certified organic, it's a mineral rich, low GI cane sugar alternative. Compared to cane sugar, coconut trees produce 50-75% more sugar per acre but use less than one fifth of the soil nutrients and water making it an extremely sustainable product.

What is Coconutz?!:

Some of our flavours include:

Passion Fruit

Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Chunk

Berry Blast

Real Vanilla


Creamy Coconut

Green Tea

And many others

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The BIG difference between spray dried and freeze dried

Sure, you’ll find other coconut ice cream in your local store that are the same price as ours.  On the rare occasion, even less expensive. BUT.  We use a freeze dried organic coconut milk powder to make our coconut milk. Other coconut milks are often either UHT or coconut milk made from a spray-dried powder. In this process, very few actual nutrients survive.  In freeze drying, all of the nutrients of the delicious coconut remain in tact.  So you are getting all the huge benefits that the coconut offers. Not only in the taste, but for your body’s immune system and the awesome way it is anti-microbial and anti-fungal.  This is the kind of ice cream that we, personally, want to eat. And, we wanted you to have the same pleasure in eating this unbelievable healthful and good-tasting dessert as we do.

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